Luzar Vestments: Church Vestments and other ecclesiastical furnishings

Luzar Vestments, Roman Vestments, Antique Vestments, Traditional Church Vestments, Antique Chalices and more

Luzar Vestments - good quality New, Antique & Used Church Vestments, in Roman & Gothic styles, & Ecclesiastical Items such as antique Chalices, ready for use in Church.

Our Church Vestments include Vestments in traditional Roman & Gothic styles in all liturgical colours, along with High Mass Sets, Copes, Albs, Cottas, Stoles, Altar Linens and more. We usually have an excellent range of quality antique Chalices in stock, along with Ciborium, Monstrances and other Church Silver. We also supply Church Brass including Thuribles, Candlesticks, Sanctus Bells, Crucifixes etc. As well as shipping vestments and other products throughout the UK, we also ship worldwide to all of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, and all other areas worldwide.
UK Enquiries Telephone 01869 327535 - Non UK Enquiries Telephone ++44 1869 327535
Postal Address: 37, Fallowfields, Bicester, Oxfordshire. OX26 6QT. UK. Visitors welcome by appointment.

Purple Gothic Vestment Black Stole Sterling Silver Ciborium Black High Mass Set of Vestments Black High Mass Set of Vestments Black High Mass Set of Vestments Black High Mass Set of Vestments French Antique Gothic Chalice Red Stole Whtie French Vestment

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New Low Mass Vestments: Gothic Low Mass Vestments: Gothic Brass & Metal: Antique, Second-hand, New
New Low Mass Vestments: Latin Low Mass Vestments: Latin Silver & Plate: Antique, Second-hand, New
New High Mass Sets & Dalmatics High Mass Sets OTHER INFORMATION:
New Copes & Humeral Veils Copes & Humeral Veils HOW TO ORDER
New Preaching Stoles Preaching Stoles Current Price List: Brand New
Albs, Cottas, Girdles,Birettas, Mitres Albs, Cottas & Rochets Current Stock List: Second hand
Altar Linens & Incense Sundry Church Textiles & Vestments Further Information
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Gold Brocade Cope Engraved Alms Dish Knott English Missal Knott English Missal Brass Baroque Thurible Black Roman Vestment